Culverwell Sponsors 90 Days

Culverwell are proud to sponsor 90 Days, the play that launched at The Traverse Theatre 12-14 April. 90 Days celebrates the pioneering women who single handedly saved the 1994 Women’s World Cup and changed the direction of women’s rugby forever.

 Culverwell sponsored the kit for the Scotland team back in 1994 and it seemed fitting to once again act as “kit” sponsor, supplying the costumes for the 2024 play.

The play tells the story of how the tournament was created from scratch in a matter of months in Scotland after the original hosts, the Netherlands, pulled out.   Had it been cancelled, the growth of women’s rugby worldwide would have been set back for years, perhaps longer. Only one women’s World Cup had been held before, in 1991, so there was no guarantee or presumption that it would be a regular event. However, thanks primarily to the Scots who organised it in 1994, it went on to gain a regular place in the sporting calendar, with next year’s event in England promising to be the biggest staging of the tournament to date.

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